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Things to know before installing glass handrails
Things to know before installing glass handrails

1. Handrail installation-positioning and marking
(1) Positioning and scoring are the first steps to install the handrail. First, find a suitable location, and mark the corresponding counterpart on the wall according to the location and size of the design drawing.

(2) First install the fixed part of the handrail, first install the railing of the railing handrail, and then refer to the construction drawing. When fixing, it must be fixed, otherwise it may affect the subsequent installation process and increase unnecessary trouble.

2. Handrail installation-corner treatment
(1) The whole process of handrail installation is not difficult, the focus is on the corner of the staircase, which is a bit difficult to handle, first connect the handrail in advance, mainly to facilitate the connection, and finally install the final assembly parts.

(2) Each foot may have different installation conditions. You can install the key part first, and then connect it to the handrail. If there is a problem, you can refer to the actual situation, make corresponding adjustments and installation, and minimize errors, and Do not delay the overall installation.

3. Handrail installation-glass glue
(1) After installing all the parts of the glass handrail, first apply the glass glue evenly to the gap between the glass joints. When using, do not use it everywhere, otherwise it is difficult to clean. If you accidentally spill it on the ground, please clean it as soon as possible.

(2) When using glass glue, pay attention to the width of the glass glue and the size of the gap, do not move after the glue is completed, wait for half an hour, wait for it to dry,scrape the surface with a knife。

4. Handrail installation-inspection
When installing the entire handrail, do not use it, wait two days, but on the day when the handrail is installed, the owner can check the installation according to the installation situation. If there are any abnormalities, it can be adjusted in time without inconvenience to the user. When installing the handrail, Please pay attention to the planned location. If it is not reasonable, it will not only increase the burden of the stairs, but also reduce the overall decoration style.

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