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Things to know about installing wrought iron stairs
Things to know about installing wrought iron stairs

Things to know about installing wrought iron stairs

The first step is to determine the location to be installed, and then to determine the height and shape of the wrought iron stair handrail according to the height of the location to be installed.

In the second step, the installation position and the specifications of the handrails have been determined, and the installation begins. Before installation, fitting must be pre-installed. The pre-installed stair should be carried out in order from bottom to top. First, the starting elbow and the elbow connected to the first handrail are pre-installed, and then the linear handrail that is bent up and down is installed. Finally , sectional pre-installed bonding.

After the pre-installation is completed, it will be fixed. Mark the position to be fixed first, and then drill holes.

Finally, screw in the screw. Remember not to beat the screw in with a hammer. Try to keep the surface of the nut flat. The handrail should be inserted into the support flat steel parts with the handrail trough to hold tightly, and the bends should be heated and pressure-bonded to the ends of the linear armrests, so that the gaps between the armrests are bonded.


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