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Indoor spiral stairs: advantages, disadvantages and precautions
Indoor spiral stairs: advantages, disadvantages and precautions

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The modern interior staircase design is more inclined to modern stair railings interior. In fact, the requirements for indoor spiral stairs are far more decorative than practical. Thus, many clients complaint that the practicability of the spiral staircase is too poor. In this article, we will take a look at the advantages, disadvantages and precautions for modern spiral staircase.

1. Advantages and disadvantages of spiral staircase

- Disadvantages of spiral staircase

  • Because the stairs rise in a spiral shape, the width of spiral steps is uneven, and the span between the steps is usually relatively large, generally speaking, the safety of the spiral staircase is relatively low.
  • If there are elderly and children in the house, it’s preferable to avoid using the spiral staircase.
  • Due to its small corners and narrow space, large items cannot be easily moved upstairs.
  • The space under the staircase is not very usable.
  • Spiral staircase price is relatively high.

- Advantages of spiral staircase

  • In terms of appearance, the solid wood spiral staircasehas a strong sense of design and is beautiful and generous. It plays a good decorative role for the entire room and highlights the atmosphere.
  • Witha strong three-dimensional effect, spiral staircase occupies a small floor area, which improves space utilization. The shape of the spiral staircase full of artistic appeal makes room more beautiful and elegant.
  • The center pole and landing hold the key to the structural support for the stairs,which mean extra support structures aren’t need. In comparison with other different style of stairs installation, spiral staircase is easier.

2. Precautions of spiral staircase

- Security

The parts of the stairs should be smooth and round, without protruding or sharp parts. For families with children and the elderly, the slope of the stairs should be gentle, and the rotation angle should not be too large; anti-slip measures should be taken for the stair treads, such as anti-slip strips, anti-slip mats, and anti-slip grooves.

  1. Stair noise problem

In connection with the various parts of the spiral steps, excessive noise should not be produced during use, which can affect the rest of the family members.

  1. Stair lighting

Too dim light is not conducive to walking safety; too bright light is prone to glare. Therefore, the light of the stairs should be soft and clear.


As referenced beforehand, regarding the precautions, advantages and disadvantages of spiral staircase, we hope this article can be of great help. Homelive, a well-known staircase supplier in China, helps you plan a reasonable space layout and latest staircase railing design through the on-site measurement room of a professional designer.



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