• Stainless Steel Trim Strips Which Use On Walls Or Floors Made Of Tiles

    It is used for the gap between floor tiles and ceramic tiles or between wall decorative boards and decorative boards to prevent stains or dust from hiding in the gap.Not only does it make walls or floors easier to clean, but it also makes the entire environment a lot more beautiful.

  • Glass Door Hinge Heavy Duty For Bathroom

    Stainless Steel Glass Door Pivot Hinge for Free Swinging Glass Doors, Cupboard Showcase Glass Door Hinge,Bilateral Cabinet Clip Clamp with 90/180 Degrees Rotating for Bathroom Shower Door.

  • Wooden Staircase Indoor

    We supply various solid wooden staircase treads, including a wide range of wood species like oak, walnut, beech,etc. Thickness range from 20mm to 100 mm with custom size & shape per your request.

  • Floating Stairs With Oak Treads

    Steel curved stringer, wood stair tread, glass railing and steel handrail,

    It is full of modern feeling, isn't it?

    You can choose any shape for this steel stairs, curved or straight, you can even custom this model in your idea, our designer will bring your idea into your house!

  • Glass Staircase With Modern Railing

    Standard: Generally, we design as per Export Building Codes, or European Standards, but we can also design as per customer's requirements.

  • Spiral Staircase With Metal Railing

    The Tread materials can be customized, such as solid wood, laminated glass , carton steel, stainless steel etc.No MOQ and very easy to install, we will offer detailed instruction for installation .

  • Spiral Staircase With Glass Railing

    Spiral Staircase curve Tempered Glass Railing,Customized glass with different size, thickness, color etc. Commonly used in architecture and industrial area.

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