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Process of installing hidden glass stairs railing
Process of installing hidden glass stairs railing

1. After the user communicates well with the manufacturer, the user needs to make the prototype of the staircase first. When the prototype of the staircase is completed, notify the manufacturer to come over and measure your staircase. If it is a non-local customer, the manufacturer cannot arrange to measure the data by hand. You can measure according to the manufacturer's guidelines and send the value and the top view taken during the measurement to the manufacturer. (The red arrow refers to the data you need to measure to the manufacturer)

2. After the manufacturer's measurement is completed, it will start to produce custom-made bottom grooves for you. After the production is completed. It will bring the finished bottom grooves to the field for installation.

3.The manufacturer will measure the size of the glass when installing the bottom grooves . If it is not clear whether there is any measurement, please ask if they have already measured the size of the glass.
4. After the bottom grooves is installed, the user needs to ask the manufacturer whether he can seal cement or marble on both sides and bottom of the bottom grooves . If the manufacturer tells you that you can seal the cement or marble, remember to leave the top concave when sealing the surface of the bottom grooves position for subsequent placement of glass.

5.After the manufacturer produces the glass, the user will be contacted to make an appointment for onsite installation. After installing the glass, a beautiful skill stair guardrail was completed.


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