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Metal spiral staircase for decks and patios
Metal spiral staircase for decks and patios

The metal spiral stairs adds deck upgrades

A metal spiral stair with a metal railing connects the deck and patio with a small footprint. No need for oversized wooden handrail steps - you can have more space for grilling!

Metal spiral stairs provide unique access. These staircases connect the second-floor wooden deck of the home to the deck below. The homeowner wanted to maximize outdoor space so he needed a smaller solution. Traditional staircases take up much space. The spiral staircase connects the deck and patio with a small footprint. Natural circulation is possible between them. It allows the homeowner to spend more time relaxing, cooking, and eating. It is possible to avoid a long staircase. They maximize space for these activities. The spiral staircase with metal handrails is a great solution for efficiency. This reduces the need for cutting valuable land. It does not have oversized decks, heavy wooden posts, or busy wooden handrail stairs. The staircase gives more space for the concrete deck.

Peace of mind, safety, and convenience

A beautiful LED lighting system lights every step. It is a beautiful, inspiring staircase that inspires beauty and confidence at all hours of the day. The owners used the same wood treads as the deck for their spiral staircase. If any tread shows signs of wear, it's easy to replace the board or the entire tread. This system allows you to remove one board and replace it on the spiral staircase. The classic black powder coat protects the metal railing. A durable finish is required for outdoor installations. As the first-line defense, the customer selected powder coating. This is how the metal can be galvanized below.

Another design element was also notable. The spiral staircase is attached to each tread corner by a steel banding. It follows the spiral staircase's handrail. This simple feature was a great illustration of the natural spiral. Unique features can increase the value of a house. So spiral staircases add valuable features.

Metal spiral stairs allow you to move between floors more efficiently. These staircases use "pie" steps that allow you to move clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on whether you are ascending or descending. These steps can be used in many ways. To add hardwood to your home, you can choose between simple or smooth metal steps. You can choose from modern to traditional looks. This choice can work in your home and outdoors. This is something you might consider doing for your home. Get in touch with us today to begin the process!

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