Know the common rules and help you choose the right stairs

Understand the basic structure, style and material classification of the staircase, I believe everyone has a preliminary idea of ​​the staircase to be selected. In order to choose a comfortable and suitable staircase, before buying a staircase, you also need to understand some common staircase specifications.

1. Stair slope specification
The connecting line of the points on the leading edge of each step of the stairs is called the slope line. The angle between the slope line and the horizontal plane is the slope of the stairs. The slope of the staircase is generally 20 degrees to 45 degrees, about 30 degrees is more common. Stairs for special functions require different slopes. For example, the slope of the ladder is above 60 degrees, the special stairs are generally 45 degrees to 60 degrees, the slope of the indoor and outdoor steps is 14 degrees to 27 degrees, and the slope of the ramp is usually 15 degrees. the following. If there are elderly people and children at home, it is recommended that the slope of the stairs should not be too large.

2. Specification of stair step size
The size of the step should generally be adapted to the size of the human foot. The size of the step includes height and width. For adults, the minimum width of the stairs should be 240mm, and the comfortable width should be about 300mm. The step height should not be greater than 170mm, and the more comfortable height is about 150mm. If there are elderly or children at home, it is recommended that the step height range be between 150mm and 230mm for their convenience.

In addition, the steps of the stairs cannot be less than 3 steps. Otherwise, when the person looks up, the step of the foot can not be seen by the angle of the eye clip, it is easy to step the empty step and it is unsafe, and the transition platform must be set when the number of steps exceeds 18 steps.

3. Width specification of stairs
The width of the ladder section is generally determined by the flow of pedestrians to ensure the principle of smooth passage. Generally, at least two people should pass through the stairs at the same time, that is, when the upward and downward flows meet in the middle of the stairs, they can pass. Consider the width of 500-600mm per share. The flow of people in the residence is relatively small, and the width of the ladder section generally needs to be greater than or equal to 1100mm.

4. Width specification of stair platform
The width of the stair platform is divided into the width of the middle platform and the width of the floor platform. The platform of the indoor staircase belongs to the width of the middle platform. The width of the middle platform should be greater than or equal to the width of the ladder section, and should not be less than 1100mm.

5. Height specification of handrail (or handrail)
Generally, the height of indoor handrails should be 900-1000mm. In order to prevent children from passing through the gap of the railing and causing danger, the horizontal distance between the railings should not be greater than 120mm.

6. Stair clearance height specification
The vertical height of the vertical distance between the steps of the stairs and the top of the head cannot be less than 2 meters, otherwise the tall person will meet or feel depressed.


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