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How to select the best room divider?
How to select the best room divider?

Room partition screen can create elegant and luxurious atmosphere, with the effect of separating the room, making a harmonious, quiet and stylish home environment. Stainless steel screen divider is made by hollow technology, with the function of partition, shielding, decoration.

Before you are in the purchase of custom room divider, learn about how to select the best room divider is a must. Following are the factors must be taken into account!!!

1. Room divider brand

The first purchase tip of the room divider is to check its brand. Generally speaking, the better the quality of the room partition screen, its brand is loved by the public. Therefore, when consumers are in the selection of room divider, it’s first and foremost to pay attention to its brand, so as to avoid buying fake and shoddy products.

2. Pattern

Normally, the better the quality of the screen, the more complete its pattern. On the contrary, the worse the quality, the less complete the design. So the user should pay attention to check its pattern when selecting.

3. Material

Decorative partitions have gradually become room divider fantastic furniture with various style and materials. The price is affected by the material. The material options are stainless steel, wooden, aluminum, and brass, etc.

4. Interior decorative style

If you want to highlight the color tone and style of the villa, you can choose the black gold stainless steel screen divider which is more classical style; style can choose Chinese screen divider. While the choice of hotel hall is different. To highlight the high-end atmosphere of the hotel, you have to choose bright rose gold or bronze. You can choose the Chinese lattice style, or you can choose the flat screen divider with the symbol of wealth which can set off the luxury of the hotel.

Therefore, most clients will choose custom room divider to cater to interior decoration style.

Homelive is known as one of the prominent partition screen manufacturers in China. With our outstanding designer, we can custom room divider as per clients requirement and provide the best room divider at an affordable price. Welcome to contact us!!!



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