How to choose the stairs of the duplex building?

The staircase is not a small object, and the price is expensive, so before you buy, you need to do your homework and have a preliminary understanding of the staircase. Let's take a look at the stair structure, style and material classification knowledge.

1. The general structure of the stairs
A stair is a component used for vertical traffic between floors, and is generally composed of a ladder section, a platform, and a handrail. The steps of the staircase are generally at least 3 levels, and at most 18 levels, and more than 18 levels requires a stair platform; the stair platform is the space formed in the middle when the steps change direction; Safety protection components for the segment and platform edges.

2. Staircase style classification
There are many types of staircases. According to the style, there are several types of straight ladders, folding ladders, spiral ladders and arc ladders. Different styles of stairs are suitable for different spaces. When consumers buy, they need to decide the style of stairs according to the size of their own indoor space.

3. Material classification of stairs
There are many kinds of staircase materials, common ones are solid wood staircase, steel-glass staircase and steel-wood staircase. Stairs of different materials adapt to different home styles. When consumers buy, pay attention to choose the appropriate stair material, color, etc. according to the home style and preferences.


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