How to Choose staircase bannister for Your Home

You may think of flooring, countertops, and cabinets when designing your home. The right staircase bannister can be equally impressive and impactful.

Although staircase bannister are not the most important part of personalizing your home's finishings, they can make a big difference. They can make a home feel more spacious and open. It is important to think about which type of balustrade you are most interested in and what best suits your space.

Do you want a staircase that allows them to stare at the ceiling? There are three types to choose from when it comes to stair railings.

  1. Traditional staircase bannister
  2. They are usually made from wood or wrought iron, and come in a variety of styles including classic and elaborate spindles. For a timeless, modern look, many homebuyers prefer traditional stair railings that have clean lines.
  3. Transitional staircase bannister

A square-wood railing is a great choice for anyone looking to make a home more flexible. These are a perfect combination of traditional wrought iron and modern options (see below).

  1. Modern staircase bannister

Horizontal spindles can bring a modern, clean look to your stairs and home. You can find them in many materials including wood, metal, and cable.

It doesn't matter if your home has a grand, open staircase or one that is hidden from view, it is important to select railings that fit in with your overall home design. Talk to a professional architect to discuss your options for staircase bannister and help you choose the right style to suit your needs.



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