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How to choose solid wood stairs
How to choose solid wood stairs

The solid wood staircase is a staircase made of solid wood. The solid wood staircase has a unique natural texture, soft color, comfortable feet, warm in winter and cool in summer, and is a pure natural green decoration material; with the improvement of household environmental protection awareness, forest resources are limited Due to the above characteristics and reasons, solid wood stairs have the highest share of the market.

The selection of high-grade solid wood stairs is very particular. You should choose better materials, such as oak, beech, red sandalwood, teak, rosewood, etc. These materials have high density, strong hardness, long life, and durability.


With its unique texture and elegant temperament, the solid wood staircase is displayed in the most important place on the furniture decoration list. The solid wood staircase is made of solid wood material, not like the cold beauty of steel and glass staircases. It exudes a kind of elegance and beauty, but contains simple natural gas quality. The solid wood material can take care of the occupants' all-round sensory enjoyment, with a comfortable touch, warm in winter and cool in summer, giving people a sense of harmony.



The solid wood material gives people a sense of harmony visually, because wood can absorb ultraviolet rays (below 380nm) in the sun, reducing the harm of ultraviolet rays to the human body. At the same time, wood can reflect infrared rays (above 780nm), which is also one of the direct reasons why solid wood stairs make people feel comfortable.


The human body's perception of the surface of the material is mainly determined by the thermal conductivity of the material. Materials with high thermal conductivity, such as concrete components, have a cold touch; polystyrene foam with low thermal conductivity has a warm feeling. The wood feels warm and moderate.


When the sound wave acts on the surface of the wood, part of it is reflected, the other part is absorbed by the vibration of the wood itself, and the other part is transmitted. The reflected 90% is mainly the soft mid-low frequency sound wave, while the absorbed Harsh high-frequency sound waves. Therefore, proper application of wood in our living space can make us feel aural harmony.




The humidity control function of wood is one of its unique characteristics. When the humidity of the surrounding environment changes, the wood itself can absorb or release moisture in order to obtain a balanced moisture content, directly alleviating the change of indoor space humidity. The research results show that the relative humidity of the human living environment should be maintained at 45%-60%. Proper humidity can not only make the body comfortable, but also minimize the survival time of airborne bacteria. There is nothing wrong with saying that a solid wood staircase is equivalent to a sterilizer.

Natural wood texture

People who like rustic and noble, mostly like solid wood stairs. Because the solid wood staircase has a unique and clear texture, soft color, natural warmth, noble and elegant, and also exudes the unique aroma of wood and the natural breath from the forest.

Artistic feeling

The solid wood stairs have a long history, and the shapes and carvings have deep historical precipitation and charm. The leisurely feeling of ancient rhyme and the rural atmosphere are the primary reasons why modern people choose solid wood stairs.

Selection skills

Buying solid wood stairs can't just look at the price, let alone convenience. Of course, price is also an important consideration for purchasing solid wood stairs. There are three ways to calculate the price of stairs in general brand staircase stores:

1. Calculate the whole piece, that is, a staircase within 13 steps is calculated according to the average price, and the number of steps exceeded is calculated separately;

2. Calculated by step, the total stairs Multiplying the price of each step is the total price;

3. Split the stairs into parts for calculation, and calculate the unit price for each board and each column, and add up to the total price. Each calculation method has advantages and disadvantages. The most commonly used solid wood staircase calculation methods in retail stores are the first two.

When choosing stairs, family members should also be taken into consideration. According to the age structure of the family, safety and practical factors should be put first. If there are elderly and children in the home, solid wood stairs are the first choice, because their unique weight and comfort make people feel more warm.


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