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How much does a spiral staircase cost?
How much does a spiral staircase cost?

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The frequently asked question among people: How much does a spiral staircase cost?

Basically, people usually make the spiral staircase customized according to the overall layout of the space, therefore, they can get the customized spiral staircase price and design. And it’s impossible to generalize about spiral staircase cost, as spiral staircases of a wide variety are produced by factories. But what factors determine the price of the spiral staircase? Let's analyze it below.

1. Spiral staircase size

Spiral staircase size is multifarious, and moreover, is often related to the number of raw materials used. Large stairs use more materials; small stairs use few materials. Many stairs are calculated based on raw materials plus installation costs. The more materials used, the higher the price of the stairs.

2. The material of the spiral ladder

In addition to the problem of large quantities of materials, the type of staircase material is also the main factor affecting the price of the staircase. Spiral stairs can be divided into solid wood ladders, wrought iron ladders, marble ladders, stainless steel ladders, and other different types in terms of materials, and the price of each material is different. Therefore, the prices of solid wood spiral ladders and iron spiral ladders are different.

3. The style of the spiral staircase

Generally, the latest styles of clothes in clothing stores are more expensive than ordinary styles, because the latest styles of clothes contain the value of the latest design concepts. The same is true for spiral staircases, with different styles and price changes. Usually, choosing the latest style spiral staircase is more expensive than other stairs.

4. Brand of the spiral staircase

Finally, when buying spiral staircases from different spiral staircase manufacturers, the quotations given will also be different. Usually, the price of stairs of big brands is much higher than that of smaller brands. On the one hand, the stairs of the big brands are of better quality, and on the other hand, the big brands can provide better after-sales service.

The market for spiral staircases hasn’t entered a saturation stage. A spiral staircase has been introduced to plug the gap in the market and has made significant inroads on a duplex building on the strength of a small footprint and high appearance.

The spiral staircase cost will change due to the reference factors: the size, material, style and brand of spiral staircase. With these reference factors, it is not difficult at all to calculate the price.


Spiral staircase cost from Homelive Company

The price of the spiral staircase ranges from $1,000 to $20,000. The average installation is about $10,400. The total cost is subject to the type of material plus the height and width of the stairs, and more. The labor rate of the installer also affects the price. Generally, people usually make the non-standard customization for spiral staircase as per the overall layout of the space, therefore, you can get the customized price and design from HOMELIVE, a professional spiral staircase manufacturer from China.



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