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Find the Custom Made Staircase from Homelive
Find the Custom Made Staircase from Homelive

As the main tool of connecting floors, the beauty and practicability of stairs are the key. The material, size and safety of stairs must be paid attention to when it comes to custom made staircase. Homelive is known as one of the stair railing suppliers in China, which integrates design and production.

If you are looking for staircase style, you’ve come to the right place! In an effort to provide best stairs design and best railing design, we have been committed to research and development of beautiful stairs design for over 15 years.

Generally, there are several common materials of stairs on the market, such as wood and glass staircase, stainless steel staircase, etc. Different material can create different atmosphere, therefore, we need to take the material into account to cater to interior’s atmosphere.

Other than that, in terms of stair style, it’s not only a simple connection from bottom to top. It has a variety of forms, such as floating spiral staircase, modern straight staircase, corner stairs, arc stairs, etc. Different stairs are suitable for different areas and styles of space.

Last but not least, it’s believed that safety is the most important concern of clients. Staircase is an important channel to go up and down two floors, so the safety of stairs can not be ignored. Especially when there are children and the elderly at home, it is easy to be injured or even endanger safety because of some small details. With that, Homelive always attaches importance to safety issue in stair when concerning design, manufacture and installation.

With ongoing development, Homelive continuously invests in new technologies and strategies for adoring stair styles. Made to measure staircase is available here!!! We believe in providing great range of stair rails for sale for clients. Your sincere inquiry is welcome!!!



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