Epidemic Prevention Tips

Before going out:

1. Open the window and ventilate for 30 minutes.

2. Don't share toiletries with your family.

3. Take your temperature to assess your health. Never go to work with illness.

4. Prepare masks and disinfectant wipes for the day.

5. Clean the hands and put on the mask (pay attention to the front and back sides of the mask and fully unfold the folded face to compress the nose clip).

Take the elevator:

1. Be sure to wear a mask and separate the buttons with paper towels.

2. Try not to communicate in the elevator and take the elevator in groups.

3. Low rise residents are advised to take stairs and try not to touch handrails.

When you go out:

1. Wear a mask all the way.

2. Try to walk, ride and drive a private car.

3. When taking a vehicle, keep a distance from others and try to avoid touching the facilities on the vehicle by hand.

4. When taking a taxi, open the window for ventilation and remind the driver to wear a mask.

5. Wash hands and disinfect frequently.

6. Reduce centralized meetings, face-to-face communication, and control meeting time.

7、 Reduce the time spent in places with more people, try to avoid direct contact with hands when purchasing goods, and wear gloves if possible.


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