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Different types of stairs: advantages and disadvantages
Different types of stairs: advantages and disadvantages

Staircase business is demanding and is all about details. If you’re a distributor or agent of staircase, for your staircase business to thrive, you’ll need to find the right staircase manufacturers. There are tons of options in the staircase market, and knowing the right one is not straightforward. HOMELIVE is one of the staircase manufacturers in the China market that has made a name for itself.

There are different types of stairs HOMELIVE offers:

  • Straight Stairs
  • L Shaped Stairs
  • U Shaped Stairs
  • Spiral Staircases
  • Curved Staircases

HOMELIVE offers different types of stairs and customizes stainless steel/glass/mixer balustrade system, baluster, handrail, for new or existing staircases. When it comes to the stair and railing projects, our stair design terminology as well as successful staircase projects can speak for our strength. People before coming to HOMELIVE may get confused about the types of stairs design and the terminology of the corresponding stairs. Here we have rounded up the commonly used types of stairs in civil engineering. Let's reach out for it!

1. Straight Staircase

What are straight staircases?

As its name suggests, straight staircase is a type of stair with one direction, which is ubiquitous in everywhere almost.

Straight stairs: advantages and disadvantages:

One of the biggest advantage of straight stairs is that they are stable and changeable in style. Moreover, it can achieve all styles of effects through the combination of the design of multifarious colors and multiple materials. And it's a kind of favor to children and the elderly who are more relaxed and safe going upstairs. As for staircase manufacturer, there is no doubt that the difficulty of building a straight stair is related to the details of the stairs design. Relatively speaking, in comparison to other styles of stairs, straight staircase is the easiest type of stair design to construct and design. But the biggest drawback of straight stairs is that they take up space.

2. L Shaped Stairs

What are L shaped stairs?

Like the L shape, there is a bend in some sections of the stair. How to achieve this bend? Staircase manufacturer tells you it's achieved by adding a landing or platform at the turning point. Basically, the bend comes with 90 degrees but not always.

Advantages of L Shaped Stairs:

  • More visually interesting.
  • It can increase privacy by creating a visual barrier between floors.
  • Some people think that L shaped stairs are safer than straight stairs. Because in the same height, the central landing of L shaped staircase reduces the number of treads where one could fall.
  • People can rest or stop in the landing/platform when going up and down the stairs.

Disadvantages of L Shaped Stairs:

  • In terms of the construction of L shaped stair, it's more difficult than that of straight staircase.
  • There is a landing needed to support in an L shape stair to ensure the stability of stairs. In the traditional stair design, the support is often constructed into the surrounding walls, so it will be ignored. However, in the modern-day dwellings, people desires to open a space by making the stair structure visible. Under these circumstances, by using the strength of steel to create elongated support members, the support structure can be minimized visually. With careful design, it can eliminate the landing support.
  • It requires more skill to construct the handrails of L shape stairs than that of straight stairs.

3. U Shaped Stairs

What are U shaped stairs?

U shapes stairs consists of two parallel straight stairs and landings. Landings play a role in connecting these two parallel straight stairs, which create a 180-degree turn on the walking route.

U Shaped Stairs: advantages and disadvantages

The U-shaped staircase can be more easily integrated into the architectural plan. Aside form that, the platform/landings can provide a resting point in the middle of the stairs. The disadvantage is that U shaped stairs are built more difficultly when compared with the other simpler stair styles.

4. Spiral Stairs

What are spiral stairs?

Spiral stair, also called rotating staircase, helps to save space and improve the beauty of the room. Spiral staircase follows a spiral arc. The staircase in spiral shape is shown the below picture.

Spiral Stairs: advantages and disadvantages:

The biggest advantage of the spiral staircase is to save space. For small and medium-sized apartments, the spiral staircase can complete the entire staircase while occupying only about 1.2 square meters of ground. Furthermore, relatively speaking, in the aesthetics of many young people, the spiral staircase is more beautiful. But the shortcomings are also obvious. The steps of the stairs are irregular, and the spiral stairs are relatively steep. It is very inconvenient for children and the elderly to go upstairs, and there are hidden dangers.

5. Curved Stairs

What are curved stairs?

Curved stairs are the same as spiral staircases in a helical arc, but have a much larger radius and typically do not make a full circle. Curved staircase brings elegance to interior decoration. With that, curved staircase is usually placed at the entry where it can make the best first impression when people set foot in the building.

Advantages of Curved Stairs:

  • It's elegant and traditional. But this design is also suitable for contemporary architecture.
  • Relatively speaking, it's easy to walk up if the radius is large enough.

Disadvantages of Curved Stairs:

Among all types of stairs, curved stairs are the most difficult type of stair to construct. And the curved staircase cost including construction cost is the highest. Therefore, for any stair supplier or builder, building a curved staircase best reflects the strength of company and represents the peak of achievement as well.

Final Words

For these five different types of stairs, comparison and selection should be made from the use of crowds and locations. The choice of stair styles is huge, which is why we are here to make a round-up in each type of stair to help you have a better understanding of their advantages and disadvantages. HOMELIVE counts as one of the best stair manufacturers in China proficient in design and manufacturing of stair and railing to cater to your interior. Apart from the different types of stairs, we customize stainless steel/glass/mixer balustrade system, baluster, handrail, for new or existing staircases. Welcome to send us your layout size for further business.



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