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Customized Glass Spiral Staircase
Customized Glass Spiral Staircase

Glass spiral staircase, as its name suggests, is a staircase in spiral shape made of glass materials. It’s also called rotating staircase, which are usually arranged around a single center column. It is made up of individual steps, or treads. Glass spiral staircase has made inroads in the interior decoration on the strength of elegant streamline shape and space saving. Modern glass staircase design is welcomed by the majority of users! The application of glass spiral staircase has been expanded progressively, not to mention the increasing number of staircase suppliers among which includes HOMELIVE.

So, if you are hunt for the staircase business and yow know glass spiral staircase is the way to go. You are concerned about the fraudulent markets and you are not sure which staircase manufacturer can be trusted. All you need is a bit more information to guide your decision and we’ve got it here for you.

HOMELIVE majors in the Construction Hardware Design and Manufacture, such as spiral staircase design and manufacturing. The treads rotate around this central point as you go up or down the stair, creating a spiral design. The Tread materials can be customized, such as solid wood, laminated glass , carton steel, stainless steel etc. No MOQ and very easy to install, we will offer detailed instruction for installation.


Stair Parts
Material Option
Stair Beam
A3 Steel
Powder Coated/Galvanizing
6-12mm Thick Steel Plate
Stair Tread
Various Solid Wood
Tempered Glass
Carbon Steel
Powder Coated/Galvanizing



Stair Railing
Tempered Glass+Fitting
Stainless Steel+ Fitting
A3 Steel+Fitting
Height: 914.4mm-1200mm
Including All Accessories

How to get custom staircase solution from HOMELIVE?

  1. HOMELIVE offers the services and solutions of custom spiral staircase, such as wood and glass spiral staircase, metal spiral stairs. It's better to send us your layout space size or house plan as the following pictures shown.
  2. Perfect solution will be made to cater to your interior decoration.

Project shown:

Spiral staircase cost, Spiral staircase price

The frequently asked question among people: How much does a spiral staircase cost?

Basically, people usually make the spiral staircase customized according to the overall layout of the space, therefore, they can get the customized spiral staircase price and design. And it’s impossible to generalize about spiral staircase cost, as spiral staircases of a wide variety are produced by factories. But what factors determine the price of the spiral staircase?

  • Spiral staircase size
  • Spiral staircase material
  • Spiral staircase style
  • Spiral staircase brand

The spiral staircase cost will change due to the reference factors: the size, material, style and brand of spiral staircase. With these reference factors, it is not difficult at all to calculate the price.

Aside from that, HOMELIVE also offers full range products of railing and balustrade fittings, including but not limited to glass clamps, handrail brackets, glass spigots, tube connector, top-rail tubes, cable railing, etc.

If you need professional spiral staircase manufacturer to design and manufacture your custom glass spiral staircase, welcome to send us your layout size of your space. Please send us a message to find out how our custom staircase solution fits your unique needs.




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