Attention to the use of PVC stair handrail

After we installed the beautiful PVC stair handrail, we should pay attention to its maintenance in order to keep the PVC stair handrail beautiful all the time. Attention to the use of PVC stair handrail:

1. After the installation of stairs, check the overall installation condition, and use the stairs only after the installation standard is met.

2. When cleaning the steel parts of stairs, please wipe them with dry soft rags instead of washing them with water.

3. When cleaning the stair steps, please use a vacuum cleaner or a wringing rag to remove dust. Do not wash with water.

4、 If you accidentally sprinkle water on the stairs, you need to dry it in time.

5. If there is any special stain on the step, please use mild neutral cleaner and warm water to wipe it. Do not use steel ball, acid or strong alkali to clean it.

6. Never sand the surface of stairs.

7. When carrying goods upstairs, pay attention to prevent the surface of hardware objects from scratching the stair surface.

8. It is suggested to put a mat at the stairway entrance to reduce the wear of sand on the steps.

9. To remove stains on the surface of stairs:

A. Asphalt, rubber, petroleum, chocolate, shoe polish, etc. can be cleaned with gasoline, liquor or the same solvent.

B. Chalk, crayons, and lipstick can be cleaned with alcohol.

C. Wax, gum, we can use a plastic film wrapped on the stain, and then carefully scrape off. No matter wooden stairs, steel stairs, iron stairs, etc., in the process of use, attention should be paid to moisture-proof, fire-proof and anti-collision.

10. Wooden stair is affected with damp, wooden components are easy to deform, crack and paint will fall off. Metal stairs also have wooden components, and the metal will rust when it is wet, so the daily cleaning of stairs should not be scrubbed with a large amount of water, you can spray detergent on its surface and then wipe with a soft cloth.


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