Advantages of PVC stair handrail

PVC stair handrail is a green environmental protection product,It has the grain and color of natural wood,As well as water-proof, fire-proof, insect proof, UV resistant, acid and alkali resistant, non corrosive, non rust, non-conductive and other characteristics, the surface is smooth and beautiful, without painting.The specific characteristics of PVC stair handrail are as follows:

1. Environmental protection: high polymer PVC material, non-toxic, pollution-free, flame retardant, no open fire.

2. Durable: it is not cracked, unchanging, moth eaten or damp. It is especially suitable for use in humid coastal areas.

3. Beauty: rich lines and colors are available. Commonly used are imitation walnut, imitation mahogany, imitation pine, imitation red beech, imitation marble grain, etc., bright color, noble and elegant.

4. Economic benefits: customized in any size to reduce the loss caused by the production of redundant waste materials.

5. Various types: hollow handrail, affordable. Highlight the handrail and light people. Solid handrail, not bad for a hundred years.

6. It has a great contribution to environmental protection, replacing wood to protect the ecological environment, avoiding air pollution without painting, and recycling after scrapping


7. Long service life after installation, saving maintenance cost, quick installation and reducing labor cost;

8. The construction can be heated and bent according to the design requirements, and the processing method on site is the same as that of wood;

9. Light and tough, high hardness;

10. Dampproof, insect proof, corrosion-resistant, non combustion supporting, non cracking and never deformation;

11. Soft and smooth, easy to wipe, no wood thorn, no static electricity, strong and durable;

12. The color is clear and beautiful with natural wood grain, including white, log, cherry, oak, teak, mahogany, walnut, red sandalwood and black;

13. It can be processed by custom color and custom size;

14. Compared with the natural solid wood stair handrail, its price is much lower and has a high cost performance.

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